New guests Ken Hughes and his boys mingled with old friends Kath & John Sherry (who kindly brought their son Stephen with them), and Susan & Matt Hancock returning for a second year. There is no doubt Ken and his boys could drink a bit but they could also ski a bit too!! We did the tour of the PDS and although we only made the connecting Rochassons lift out of Plain Dranse by 5 mins (late afternoon) – some, who I thought must be pretty tired were seen singing along to the Dixie Micks at Morzine’s famous Dixie Bar early that evening.  Dinner was a bit raucous that night with some singing of  famous Rock Anthems such as ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘Don’t fear the Reaper’ but everyone seemed to get on pretty well despite one or two being a bit louder than others! The Hughes Boys definitely had lots of stamina – Encouraged by larger than life Andy they felt they needed to visit the Cavern for a final time after dinner. First guests we’ve ever had who partied hard both before and after dinner (plus a bit during, too) every night! Good on yer Boys!!

The following weekend saw the return of the Lawless Boys (who brought old friend Bob and new friend Phil with them this time). Dear friends Chef (Ian) & Fliss also arrived to watch England beat France in the opening w/e of the 6 Nations (which we watched at a vibrant local Petite Auberge), but also bring lots of much needed snow with them. This curtailed our normal adventures so no visit to the renowned Café des Sports in Morgins was possible (there’s always another chance when they return in March!). But, everyone did get to see the host struggle to put his snow chains on, on the way upto Ardent!! Worth the entrance fee, at least, first time they’d ever been used in anger – unbelievable I know!

A very relaxed, mellow atmosphere developed every evening with the help of some well known additional visitors which we hadn’t seen for a while – one Irish, one Scottish and an American imposter (all Whiskies!!). This meant vinyl was played, a table football contest developed and Dave (Carr) did some excellent recital of his well written poems (incl. the famous ‘Drinking to Excess’). The Chef also finally got revenge against Alex (Tsar of Wales) at 100 pin bowling on the Wii – this brought much satisfaction and it seems no hard feelings from the Tsar. He did win the table football contest with Steve!!

Thankyou, to all for some excellent times and here are some of the photos:




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