The holiday season saw a change in the nature of our guests visiting the chalet. Yep, this time of year we see lots of families and therefore some younger people arriving. They were greeted by some of the best mid Winter conditions in years. Regulars such as the Borehams ( Paul, Jessica and Becky), the Barth’s (Steve, Louise and Zoe) and new guests the Patmore’s made the most of the snow. They did have to contend with some warming temperatures on a couple of days which brought a bit more moisture lower down than anyone wanted or desired. But, let’s not dwell on this!!!

For the first time this season we made it to the Café Des Sports in Morgins – not once but twice!! It’s such a great, traditional Swiss Buvette (both in terms of the interior décor and the food) and Morgins always looks so beautiful covered in Snow. We descended into the village from the Chatel side on the one occasion (which I don’t often do) because I thought the snow conditions were good enough. You get such great panoramic views of the village and the snow covered rooftops as you descend in this direction. It is just so picturesque:))

And, in the evenings lots of entertainment was had by all as the families mingled well. We even watched the Groves v Eubank Jr boxing match (first one I’d seen in years) on ITV Box Office one night, courtesy of the guests. It was a damn good fight and everyone showed lots of emotion!!!

Here are the pics so you can share their experiences:

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Claire · 09/07/2018 at 6:34 am

Very impressive guide on snow conditions.
I was planning to go on a ski holiday next year with my family and wanted to give a surprise to my husband. He just loves the snow adventures. This is really very helpful for me to make him happy on his bday. Thanks for sharing

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