During late February and into March we’ve had many new guests at the chalet. And, despite the ‘Beast from the East’ causing some disruption – Geneva airport was closed a couple of times (apologies to the Wings and Stewart who alas, didn’t make it)! The snow has remained good with many top ups to the slopes and a couple of weekends we’ve managed to ski lots and lots of powder in the Off Piste.

Matt Dewhust brought his group of Geordie Professionals (John, Steve, Chris and John) all the way from Teignmouth. The boys ski’d lots, enjoyed a few drinks but were disappointed to see England lose to Scotland in the 6 Nations – tee hee!! Matt led the guys down some difficult terrain at times (he could ski well) but they all hung in there especially Big John who was a gutsy competitor.

Nigel Fry arrived with a couple of sons (not both his), fellow Taunton Accountants and a high powered Amazon property executive. Nigel, Matt, James, Mark, Nick, and Klaus were very appreciative of our little ski tours and entertained our regular guests Alison (plus partner David for the first time) and Cathy handsomely with some fab, inventive games after dinner. Some great sessions of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ were also enjoyed!!

A restaurant I’ve always wanted to visit – ‘Chalet Neuf’ above Morgins was finally tried on our sojourn into Switzerland one day – really good, traditional mountain Buvette if a bit pricey!! It was definitely worth the wait for the food. Nick – I’m really sorry for all those very large moguls on Chamossiere. I really ddn’t think it would be like that after all the snow that had fallen. Oh, and for the result against France in the 6 Nations – tee hee!! Can’t believe how rammed the Rhodos bar was for that match!

Interspersed between these two groups were our regular guests Nicky and Tim for their second visit of the Winter (Nicky’s coming for a third in April!!) and honorary guest Jonathan Callow (you really must stay with us some time!!) who’d brought his friends to my local hostelry – The World Famous ‘ Sherpa’ in Morzine. Great skiing was had by one and all – it seemed we were only ever on the Piste to cross it getting to the next powder field!!!

Here are the pics:


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