Chalet Margaritka has teamed together with Skicology; the pioneer of the route to improving skiing performance is all in the mind. They’re offering a 20% discount to all Chalet Margaritka subscribers who sign up to (or gift someone) telephone/Skype/WhatsApp sessions before the end of November!!
Over to Anthony, the founder of Skicology

Are you looking forward towards your next ski trip or ski weekend?
Wondering how you’re going to ski? Will you remember how to ski? Will you progress or spend another holiday on the plateau? Will you still be following the kids down the slope? Have you ever wondered why you are feeling this way when your holiday is probably a few months away?

Well it looks like it’s the skiing that’s creating your thinking and feelings, but that’s impossible – you’re not on skis!

It’s like workplace stress. If the workplace – or skiing for that matter – actually caused the stress when you weren’t skiing or in the workplace (e.g. on holiday) that would technically in psychological terms be a phobia: you feel the symptoms but without the stimulus being present.

Much like a spider phobia.

That’s not to say the thinking and feelings don’t feel real – they feel very real! It’s just a simple and very common mis-understanding as to where people assume they are coming from. Here’s the answer:

They are generated by your mind in the moment.

The cause is from within you – or rather thoughts free flow from your mind and that’s how the mind works naturally. When people attach them to events or make meaning of them is when they get in trouble. Or even worse, trying to manage or control them (which makes them hang around longer) rather than letting them move on, to be replaced by another thought and feeling. That’s why athletes performing at their best call it being in a ‘flow state’. Thoughts naturally flow through them.

This is your Operating System of the Human Mind, and left alone, works perfectly. Like a small child playing, who trips over, then gets up, and carries on playing without a care in the world. Free Flowing Thinking going on quite naturally. It’s everyone’s default position. And it’s your default position in skiing, as it is in the workplace.

To test this understanding – that thinking background, circumstances and how other people treat them determined their stressful feelings – we asked 60 people the extent to which they considered this was true in their experience from none of the time to all of the time. And the results are fascinating (see graph below).

As a consequence of people realising that their thinking and feeling was independent of circumstance, background and other people (or skiing or workplace) their stress levels continually dropped.

They just feel better and are better able to deal with life, and skiing, and the workplace (as they know it’s not the workplace or skiing creating their feelings).

This is one of the things people learn as they start to understand the Principles behind Skicology™: that how you show up determines what you experience, rather than what shows up determines your experience.

And there is real scientific causal-based evidence behind this.

If you’d like to be in a great place mentally before your ski weekend, skiing trip (or even the workplace – as the side effects of less stress, worry and anxiety and more confidence show up elsewhere), Skicology is offering Chalet Margaritka subscribers a 20% pre-season discount for Skicology sessions booked in November.

Access the special booking page here.

We’re so confident of the benefit all sessions come with a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t experience a benefit.

Any comments, queries or questions welcome. Just email me at

Anthony Davis, Skicologist


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